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Get in the fight vs children’s cancer and donate your talents today.

Please adhere to the following submission guidelines, which will unfortunately render artwork unusable if one or more of them are not followed.

We utilize two different templates for submitted artwork, which have different functions.

The first type of flash artwork is geared towards kids, which we manufacture into the temporary tattoos. These must have, “HOPE VS” or “HOPE VS CANCER” within or surrounding the artwork, and appropriately designed for all ages of kids ranging from 4-20. We receive a lot of designs aimed at preschoolers and grade-school kids, but don’t forget about our teenagers and young adults!

The second type of artwork is catered more towards adults, which we manufacture into merchandise for our donor shop, display in art shows, and auction. These designs can be more adult-oriented and must feature our name, “HOPE vs CANCER,” within the design. The designs should be one, centrally painted piece. They can be simple, or heavily detailed and elaborate.

*Note: both templates for submitted artwork are equally important to help raise spirits as well as funds for pediatric cancer research

All submitted pieces MUST be artists original artwork. We cannot accept pieces that are copies of another artist's or infringement on works with copyrights.

Artwork must have a traditional tattoo tone and style. We accept both strict traditional and neo-traditional style pieces, in all colors as well as black and white.

Please do not submit paintings with any religious or morbid features.

If you are unsure of your painting, please submit a rough sketch or outline before painting.

Once you have finished your painting, follow these steps


Take Photo

Have a photo of yourself taken with your donation piece of artwork and/or a short video of yourself explaining why you got involved. Email to info@hopevscancer.org


Scan Artwork

The postal system is far from perfect. We have lost some or received damaged in the mail, so if you have the hardware, scan your artwork before you post at a minimum of 300 dpi and email to info@hopevscancer.org


Mail Artwork

Mail the artwork in a photo envelope clearly stamped with “DO NOT BEND” to:
1712 SW 2nd Avenue PH4
Miami, FL, USA, 33129


Post Artwork

Log onto Instagram and post the painting if you'd like, tagging the foundation @hopevscancer and utilizing our hashtags #hopevscancer, #hopevs, and #tattoosforthewarriors